Welcome to the Official Louise Schwarz website!

Louise is a playwright, dramaturg, teacher, and director in New York City. In addition to a number of full-length and one-act plays, she has written dozens of ten-minute plays and stand-alone monologues -- ask her about them if you're looking for a piece! Most of her work is in the edgy comedy vein, but there are some thrillers and serious drama mixed in there as well (not to mention some insanely dark humor and decadence).

Aside from theater and education, Louise thinks dogs are the most important thing. She is also a blogger for Serial Drama, a hilariously cranky website about daytime soap operas, as well as a columnist for the weekly magazine Soap Opera Digest.

Please enjoy your visit and come back soon to see what's new!

Find select full-length & ten-minute plays as well as stand-alone monologues at https://newplayexchange.org/users/38829/louise-schwarz